Yulia Khraputskaya

1991, from Chelyabinsk, Russia

Position: Translator, Production Department


In Her Own Words:

What Her Colleagues Say:  Yulia hails from dour Chelabinsk, but unlike the average Chelabinsk resident, she never dreamt of working in a factory: while other kids were playing at being foundry workers, welders, and mill machine operators, she pictured herself on the Brazilian seashore, singing as she played guitar.

She is very passionate about her interests, and her two main sources of inspiration are music and foreign languages. Both of these obsessions have followed Yulia through her life. Although Yulia did not end up becoming a musician, she taught herself to play guitar and drums.

The languages that Yulia knows are myriad — English, French, Portugese, Italian — and the list is expected to grow.