Kate Seidel

1996, from Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Kate 2 ed

Position: In-House Linguist

Responsibilities: Being a nearly infinitely flexible subject capable of convincingly embodying a variety of discourse(s), as if she were a metallurgical company manager/5-year-old dinosaur boy/mafia man who only speaks a certain amount of characters per frame, and not just some American with an office job.

In Her Own Words: “Speak with your heart”

What Her Colleagues Say: Kate studied Russian Language and Visual Art at Columbia University. She doesn’t have a Southern accent because her parents are from California. Kate’s passion for knowledge is unquenchable — she soaks up cultural contexts like a sponge does water spilled across the Creator’s table.

Her less guilty pleasures include grocery shopping, cooking, translating contemporary art-related texts, sleeping eight hours, and the Chicago Manual of Style; her more guilty pleasures include unflattering photography, performance art, and eating from the trash can of ideology. Namely, she is a sucker for socialist realism, and, more recently, Servant of the People.

She loves drinking tea with milk, wearing clothes with edgy writing on them, and laughing across the whole office. And the office loves her in return 🙂