Elizaveta Andronova

1997, Siberia, Russia
Elizaveta Andronova

Position: Project Manager

Responsibilities: managing projects and a YouTube channel, creating a fun atmosphere in the office.

In Her Own Words: All you need is love.

What Her Colleagues Say: Spirited and vivacious, Liza has always been “the leader of the pack” – her childhood dream was to become a tiger trainer! Having fallen in love with the Beatles at the tender age of 12, Liza forged her own path in learning English, going on to take a Modern Languages degree in university and live and work in the US for 4 months, an experience she describes as “life-altering”. Nowadays Liza can be seen in the Eclectic office, keeping our spirits high and projects organised, as well as helping grow our YouTube channel. In her spare time Liza is a keen dancer, having trained in the Contemporary style for over 15 yeares and taken part in international competitions.