Anya Emmons

1994, from Bournemouth, UK

Position: In-House Linguist

Responsibilities: Translation, editing, reviewing, linguistic bits-and-bobs, YouTube script-writing, website management.

In Her Own Words: This too shall pass.

What Her Colleagues Say: Anya is a grandchild of Leningrad(ers) who spent her childhood and teen years between Bournemouth, England and Saint Petersburg, making her enviably literate in Russian and English. Around the time she was studying linguistics at Oxford, Anya toyed with potential careers as a designer, make-up artist, or financial consultant, but her skill in interpreting and translation lead her to Eclectic Translations. Still, she continues to enrich her own and other people’s lives through volunteer cultural activities, moving from musical theater and anime in school to leading the Oxford University Russian Society to hosting English discussion clubs in Saint Petersburg today.