Basic rates

Translation from Russian to English

(also includes editing & proofreading)
from $0.23per word of source text

Editing of your translated texts

(also includes proofreading)
from $0.16per word of source text

Our primary value is the quality of the end product. Deadlines are important. So is the budget. And out of the three, it’s the quality of the translation which is most important. Once the deadlines have been met and the accounts settled, it’s the subtitled film, the printed annual report, the cached website that remains for posterity to judge our efforts.

We can work quickly; but we don’t encourage urgent orders, because the quality suffers.

We can be flexible on pricing; but we don’t encourage low prices, because the quality suffers.

Producing Translatese-free, Ready-to-publish Texts

We love well-written texts. We are locked in battle against the twin evils of awkwardness and lack of clarity, which often accompany translations. All of our texts, once translated, then go through an editor, to ensure accuracy, and a proofreader, to ensure readability.

One Language Pair

We are an Anglo-Russian company. We specialise exclusively in Russian and English. We might joke in French, play with Spanish, and shout in German, but we only work in Russian and English, because those are the languages we’re fluent in.

Language Professionals

Not all native English speakers are equal.

In order to find native speakers of English to translate, edit, or proofread for us, we ask applicants to take a test. Not many people pass the test. It’s designed that way. For those that do pass, we assess the types of work that they are best at doing, and give them that work. Not any work that we happen to have; just the work that they will be best at doing. Then we pass feedback round the translator-editor-proofreader team, making everyone better and better.

This is all done by our in-house quality control team, made up of native English and native Russian speakers.

To order a translation from us, get in touch.