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REVEL time

Eclectic’s events partner. They help you find a venue for your event, be it a party, training session or presentation. With RevelTime, the process is quick and reliable. Finding a venue takes just a few minutes. Everything you see here will be consistent with reality: your chosen venue will be free at the time you booked, all the furniture and equipment you were expecting will be there, and there will be no hidden charges.

Whatever your audiovisual needs, the White Horse Filmmakers’ Assistance Guild is on call and ready to help! We do everything, from providing technical support during shoots to working on postproduction. We supervise on location, compile dailies, assist in editing, colour correction, print output, DCP mastering, DCP adjustments (adding audio and subtitle tracks, advertising, etc.), and provide technical support at film festivals and separate screening events. If that wasn’t enough, we also provide consulting services and professional assistance on all aspects related to cinema, video, and television production, whatever the format or genre. Please visit our website, where you can read more about our experience and see what White Horse can do for you.

We look forward to working with you!

SoundFront is a sound studio in St Petersburg, specialising in voiceovers in Russian and English. Whether it’s narration for a film or presentation, IVR for your company’s phone system, or musical backing for a video, then look no further. The studio has been working with well-known dubbing artists and experienced native English & Russian speaking voice actors for more than 10 years, delivering exceptional results, quickly.

SCIT offers a non-degree post-graduate professional training program which aims at producing highly qualified interpreters and translators capable of meeting the requirements of the international market. It is a cooperative effort of the language services of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the United Nations. SCIT was founded at Herzen University in 2008. Every year, around 15 highly-trained graduates leave the school to pursue international careers in translation and interpretation. 70% of the School’s graduates do internships with the UN. 41% of the School’s graduates get full-time jobs with the Russian MFA and such international organizations as the UN, Médecins Sans Frontières, and others. The courses at the School are designed and taught exclusively by practicing interpreters and translators.

The Sun Foundation is a non-profit charity based in St Petersburg for local children in need. It helps raise money for children’s medical institutions, thereby allowing them to purchase modern equipment and provide high-quality health care for children. The Foundation also focuses on improving conditions for treating children, both from a medical, and psychological viewpoint. Objectives include organising events and leisure activities for children undergoing treatment; improving facilities at medical institutions by raising charitable contributions to purchase vital equipment; improving the quality and range of medical services for children; and improving the quality of life of children in hospitals. In order to achieve this, the Foundation holds festivals for children; works with other charities to purchase essential medical equipment for paediatric wards; organises tenders for the purchase of modern medical equipment for children’s clinics and medical centres; and purchases, delivers, and installs modern medical equipment, as well as provide training in its usage.


The Anton is Right Here Centre offers far-reaching support to people with autism spectrum disorders.

The Centre is a place where students, employees, volunteers and guests can come together to help one another. It provides an open and positive environment helping people to improve their communication skills, lead full and active lives, and fulfil their potential.

Parser Media provides affordable IT solutions for small & medium businesses in St Petersburg, Russia.

The Institute of Humanities at the Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnic University came into being when the former institutes of Applied Linguistics and Liberal Arts merged. Training is provided in foreign languages as well as other liberal and social arts disciplines taught across all departments of the university and students can work towards bachelor’s and master’s qualifications in eight different fields of specialisation.

The institute’s degree in linguistics provides a thorough grounding for those aspiring to a career in languages, and encompasses the following programmes:

Theory of Translation and Cross-Cultural / Interlingual Communication, Theory of Foreign Languages Teaching and Cross-Cultural Communication, Forensic Linguistics, and Computer Linguodidactics.

The institute also offers additional professional training with its course The Translator in the Field of Professional Communication. The institute works with numerous universities around the world, and students can take part in international study programmes including the Double Degree Programme with its partner-university in Spain.

The Saint Petersburg Convention Bureau was set up by the Saint Petersburg Government in July 2014 as a non-commercial organization subordinate to the Committee for Tourism Development. Our main objective is to actively promote Saint Petersburg as a key international communications platform by attracting high-caliber professional business events to the city.

The Saint Petersburg Convention Bureau is a unified center dedicated to supporting organizers of national and international business and other newsworthy events to ensure you have an easy, straight-forward and stress-free event organizing experience in our city.

Whether you are a first-time planner or a seasoned professional, let us help you overcome any challenges you may face, be it a language barrier or local culture peculiarities. We place ourselves at the disposal of all meeting planners who wish to hold their meeting or incentive trip in Saint Petersburg and provide the following services free of charge:

  • Accepting your RFPs and putting you in contact with relevant local suppliers;
  • Finding the right venue for your event;
  • Providing up-to-date information about Saint Petersburg as a meetings destination;
  • Collecting, analyzing and reporting reliable market data on the city’s meetings industry;
  • Arranging fam-trips and press-tours;
  • Assisting in communication with the local government and media;
  • Advising on various unique activities, opportunities and Saint Petersburg’s tourist attractions that will make your incentive trip stand out.

Our mission is to unite representatives of the convention and exhibition industry, hospitality professionals and experts from the city’s local professional circles.