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This is our first ‘official’ blog post; it’s for the soft launch of the new site. It’s a means for us to stretch our fingers across the keyboard a little, and to tell you, our soft launch allies, why it is we’ve included you in the list of allies.


Eclectic’s first site went up in 2009, and apart from a few links being added and the price list changed sporadically, it basically never had an update in 7 years. In the digital age, that could indeed be considered an achievement; let’s just not categorise what sort of achievement, OK? 😉


Work on this, the second site, started in 2015. It’s now the end of March 2016, and we’re finally somewhere near having a site we want to show to the world. And show we must! For times are hard in business, and our inside champions in the companies that make up our clients are constantly having to justify the ‘vast’ expense of working with Eclectic.


With this site, we hope to make their justification task easier. For this site’s main aim is to start the brand-building of Eclectic. It aims to tell potential clients those things which we would tell them in the Zanooda Bar over a glass of wine, if we could only get them into the bar. It needs to answer their questions – from the very first, hesitant, simple “Do you use native speakers?” to their very last question – “Do you actually like this project of ours?”


The site must show them what we believe in, what we stand for, what we will not tolerate, what makes us laugh; and if they like the sound of this band of linguists – how they can join our tribe.


Our tribe believes in quality above all else. Quality before deadlines. Quality before price. Quality, achieved through allowing individuals to excel in their preferred areas of specialisation. Quality of the end product, because when it’s published online, when the pages are printed and bound into a book, when the light from the projector hits the silver screen – then those words join the great mass of history that, if remembered, forms our culture.


So the question to you, our soft launch allies, is: How does this site make you feel?


Answers on a postcard to the usual address, or email them to your favourite Eclectic contact person. We’ll be collecting feedback and chewing it over thoroughly.





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Will Hackett-Jones

Co-Founder & Partner

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