New Office: The Eclectimansion

Eclectic Translations has moved!


Yes, after 7 years at the iconic Kanal Griboedova address, we have grown up and moved out! From 42 square meters, we’ve gone up to 100, in a beautiful historic building on Vasilievsky Ostrov, on the 14th Line, No. 1.





We’ve even got our own marble staircase:


Marble Staircase



Opposite us is a wonderfully shiny Orthodox church – something to do with ascensions, or renunciations, or assumptions, or whatnot.





And just around the corner is the Neva in all its grey, granite glory; opposite, across the water, is St Petersburg’s famously picturesque English Embankment.


English Embankment



Of course, it wouldn’t be an office without a bar, so the Zanooda Bar has moved with us to our new address:


Zanooda Bar



With a chillout zone:





And we had our office warming party last night:















Thank you to everyone who helped in the move, in the redecorating, and in the last-minute mad rush to get the place cleaned up and ready for last night’s guests. And thanks to the guests for all the office-warming gifts – champagne, cakes, cactuses, flowers, more flowers, more cakes – it was truly fantastic.

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Will Hackett-Jones

Co-Founder & Partner

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