Launching a New Site

It was never a question of whether or not to do a new site.

Merely – when?

Thanks to the prods and reminders, and occasional shoves, of my wonderful team, the when has come: here we finally have it. A site to drag us into the 21st century.

It’s not a portal to run the business through. It’s not a static page. It’s no great masterpiece of technowizardry, either.

It is, however, a statement of what we do, and why we do it, backed up by proof.

You’ll find some of that on the We Believe page.

You’ll find out about the eccentric, talented, dedicated people who inhabit the Eclectimansion on the Our Team page.

You can read about some of the great companies we’ve worked with, and projects we’ve worked on, on the Portfolio page.

Throughout the site you should be able to find answers to your questions in an accessible form – even the ones you haven’t quite asked yet.

You won’t be able to pay for our services through the site, nor place an order. But you will be able to decide if we’re the people you want to look after your language needs – or not. And then, using good old fashioned noughties technology, you can drop us an email and arrange to chat over a coffee – or ideally over a glass of wine at our very own Zanooda Bar. We’ll get to know each other. We’ll find out what you need, and what you don’t. And we’ll get to work, producing curiously good translations for you. Or transcriptions. Or voiceovers. You get the picture.

See you at Zanooda Bar any Tuesday from 20:00. Grab a bottle and come on over.

PS – This blog? It’s weekly. It’ll inform. Entertain. Share. Do some clicking on the buttons below to sign up for it by RSS, email, Facething, Youwhatever, and all that.

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Will Hackett-Jones

Co-Founder & Partner

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