An Intern’s Diary Pt. 6

If you’re looking for a Russian to English translation internship – Eclectic Translations in St Petersburg is the place for you!


This is one in a series of posts written by an intern we had back in September 2016; these diary entries should answer questions you may have about what an internship might entail.




What I’ve been up to

Bjorn and Bucky


SoundFront retranslation: agrarian census including a chastushka on agrarian policy


SoundFront info for Eclectic’s website “Partners” page


Eating the last piece of cake


Late night transcription/subtitling


Interviewing office managers


However much I do love Bjorn and Bucky, I am trying to get this project completed as soon as possible. Today I worked on updating the GoogleDoc, spotting the subtitles and exporting in preparation for translation (and doing a tiny bit of transcribing missing dialogue), and left the translation and MemoQ for tomorrow / another day. This is because I think my going through the process step by step in order for each episode isn’t necessarily the most efficient way of getting through the project. It takes a bit of time to find the synopses and copy and paste them into the right place, transcribe any missing dialogue, etc. It is also a hassle for the PMs (Valya/Kristina) who must put each document through MemoQ for me one at a time. By tomorrow afternoon I should have all episodes and I shall let Valya know to pop them all into MemoQ. Then I will translate the last four episodes all in one go. This should be done quite soon and definitely before the end of the week. How will I make it through the following two weeks without Bjorn and Bucky?!


SoundFront retranslation: this task, retranslating badly translated text over the bad translation with Track Changes on, is hard. I was quite distracted by the extant English text and at times forgot to refer back to the Russian as (more) gospel than the badly translated English. I left the chastushka until last as I was worried it would take a long time and I’d find it very hard, not being terribly familiar with the rules of chastushki. After a quick listen to babushki with accordions singing chastushki on YouTube, it turned out to be not too difficult as I kept close to the original Russian and original translation, and made it into sense-making sentences.


Having Tal next to me is very helpful. When going through the SoundFront info for Eclectic’s new website, he pointed me to the new website and told me to make use of the Russian as an informational guide but to write in the website’s voice about SoundFront. Though he did end up editing my translation and taking it even further away from the Russian original, I think I am starting to get more confident about playing around with the Russian more and not sticking too closely to it.


At 9.30pm, I was at the Zanooda Bar when Valya stole me away from my sparkling water and chats with the office manager candidates to see if I could be any use on the Anglo-Sino-German film subtitling project that Sasha has been working on. I wasn’t very helpful. I caught some random numbers and phrases but nothing that would make a good subtitle in translation. It is not an easy job when the client leaves holes… I have often watched foreign films and lamented when the subtitler fails to subtitle something for me. Now I understand that it probably wasn’t the subtitler’s fault…

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