An Intern’s Diary Pt. 2

Native English-speaking interns are welcome beasts at the Eclectimansion. If you’re looking for a way into the translation business, having recently, or being about to graduate, have a look through the Intern’s Diary blog posts, to see what kind of work might be in store for you here in St Petersburg.



What I’ve been up to

Bjorn and Bucky cartoon episode 70


Creative brainstorming: TV show title – Научи жену рулить


Children’s song about shapes


Whereas when I freelance for Eclectic I get a prepared bilingual file via XTRF, in the office I am working through the whole preparation and translation process. On the Bjorn and Bucky project, I have been updating the collaborative GoogleDoc, preparing the dialogue, spotting it in Sublime (a subtitling program), exporting it and then translating it either as a bilingual file of the kind I would work on at home, or in MemoQ. Working this process from start to finish has shown me how much work the Project Managers (PMs) have to put into each document that we freelancers receive to translate.


Giving a helping hand with creative ideas such as songs and titles only happens when you work in-office. I like that the Eclectic team uses Skype constantly and shares all these sorts of problems with anyone that can help. I liked being put on the creative spot and brainstorming with Tal, Eclectic’s Quality Control Director, in the English corner!

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