An Intern’s Diary Pt. 19

If you’re looking for a Russian to English translation internship – Eclectic Translations in St Petersburg is the place for you!


This is one in a series of posts written by an intern we had back in September 2016; these diary entries should answer questions you may have about what an internship might entail.



What I’ve been up to

Eclectic Diary


Reviewing old jobs


Short urgent SPIEF


Today I looked back through all the documents and exercises that I have worked on over this month-long internship with Eclectic.


It has been interesting to be involved in such a variety of projects; some have been were more entertaining than others (I am still giggling at the inappropriate wording of some SoundFront files) but all of them allowed me to practise and hone my skills.


It has been good to work closely with Tal and though it seems a shame that we are not all in one room (I don’t know quite how cramped it was in the old office), but the division of linguists and PMs seems a sensible way to have some space. One thing I would potentialyl say is that despite my hopes of feeling less alone and lonely by wanting to work in an office environment rather than as a freelancer, the office relies heavily on instant messaging, at times turning completely away from face-to-face interaction. Though this obviously works well for paper trail reasons and not forgetting tasks, it is quite isolating even in an office environment. As someone who does not use social media, is bad at IMing, and prefers to talk on the phone or meet people face-to-face, I would prefer to be hollered at from the next room. It would at least get me out of my seat and stretching my legs more often.


Looking back, I feel more confident in my skills: work and interpersonal.


In the early evening I received a short, urgent SPIEF document from PM Sasha during which MemoQ once again showed itself to be exceedingly useful. With the time constraints of this short deadline, it is so helpful to have access to the concordance feature as a client like Roscongress has a lot of its own strange terms which can be quite baffling!

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