An Intern’s Diary Pt. 10

If you’re looking for a Russian to English translation internship – Eclectic Translations in St Petersburg is the place for you!


This is one in a series of posts written by an intern we had back in September 2016; these diary entries should answer questions you may have about what an internship might entail.



What I’ve been up to

Partner translation: St. Petersburg Polytechnic University


TerraByte brainstorming


St. Petersburg Toponymics translation project


Know the purpose of a ‘random’ translation. When you know the audience, it’s easier to write. Skopos theory: I’ve just written a dissertation with a whole section on this, so I should know better! Tal’s changes were mainly moving emphasis as once the audience is known, emphasis is specific.


Creative brainstorming: when a client asks for help / guidance with localisation / creative translation (in this case, a cartoon), it is not enough to give your own ideas, you must be explicit in your explanation of why their ideas are no good. Do not be self-conscious, be more direct.


Getting familiar with the SPb glossary project. It’s a big one and will take a lot of research.

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