An Intern’s Diary Pt. 1

We had an in-house native English-speaking intern in September 2016. At our request, she kept a diary so that we could measure progress and see what we could do better next time. The diary was so good, we asked her if we could publish it. On condition of anonymity, she agreed, so here’s the first instalment (of about 20) of the Intern Diary:

Things I want to learn

  • How does a Project Manager’s job work? So that I can be the best and least annoying freelancer I can.
  • Whether buying a Windows PC and MemoQ is worthwhile once I get home. Will I become a full-time freelancer or in-house translator?
  • Everything Eclectic Translations covers, e.g. subtitling/dubbing. How you deal with these different jobs differently.
  • Is this what I want to do? I love Russian literature and I am trying to decide whether I want to do a PhD relating somehow to translation of Russian literature, or whether the diverse nature of the work I get through freelancing / working at Eclectic Translations is right for me.



What I’ve been up to

NevaFilm directors’ glossary


An in-house transliteration guide at Eclectic might be helpful (or even individual guides for each client). I understand clients may prefer different spellings and so maybe it would be good if they would provide their own transliteration guide. But certainly as a freelancer I know it would speed up my turnarounds.


I originally translated some parts of this project and I didn’t know that directors’ names needed to be written in full in English, i.e. John Smith and not J.R. Smith. As I researched the correct spelling of surnames I saw full names, so I could have used them at the time and thereby eliminated this glossary rewrite!

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