Thatcher Mines

1982, from North (or South, or East, or West) Virginia, America

Position: Co-Founder & Partner

Responsibilities: Ideas, ideas, ideas. New ways of doing things. Automation. Creativity. Efficiency. Finding new and exciting clients and non-conventional ways of supporting business for Eclectic and its clients.

In His Own Words: I’ve loved content and language my whole life. It wasn’t until Will and I started Eclectic that I found myself as an entrepreneur. Success for yourself is one thing, but our business lets us build success so much bigger than ourselves; for our astounding staff, freelancers, clients, but most importantly for our clients’ clients. In film and TV (where I focus my work), this is the audiences (or Golden Globe judges…) watching Leviathan, or kids and families enjoying the latest international animated gem out of Russia on Nickelodeon or at the cinema. Certain businesses benefit tremendously from exceptional language. When we find each other, curiously good things happen.

What His Colleagues Say:

Thatcher’s our chief ideator
Though he’s more like a sheer force of nature
When he flies through the door
With ideas galore
Fear not – he’ll forget them all later 😉

A guru of meditation
Thatcher feeds his imagination
Atop the snow-crested peaks
Of the mountains where he seeks
His rebellious soul’s inspiration

Let’s agree – business meetings are boring
All those numbers just merit ignoring
But with Thatcher’s new toys
He distracts girls and boys
And before they all know it, he’s soaring!

For this is no regular fellow
He’s not one to bluster or bellow
But with Batman in hand
All your better-made plans
Will succumb to the power of Lego.