Katya Parfyonova

25, from a small town near Vladivostok, Russia

Project Manager

Responsibilities: All translation projects that come in, excluding audiovisual work. That’s anything from press releases, website updates, and poems for aspiring writers, to annual reports for corporate giants.

In Her Own Words: I am a warrior and nothing can break me down.

What Her Colleagues Say: On paper, she has a major in East Asian Studies, but in her soul, she’s a Japanophile. Has a sweet tooth and loves Japanese Rock. When she moved to St. Petersburg, she managed to get a job working at a chocolatier. However, this “sweet” lifestyle was soon cut short. As soon as Katya saw that Eclectic had a vacancy open for Project Manager, she knew that she had found something much sweeter than the tastiest chocolate. In her free time, she loves to draw, watch movies and read.