An Intern’s Diary Pt. 15

If you’re looking for a Russian to English translation internship – Eclectic Translations in St Petersburg is the place for you!


This is one in a series of posts written by an intern we had back in September 2016; these diary entries should answer questions you may have about what an internship might entail.



What I’ve been up to

St. Petersburg Toponymics translation project


Three Little Pigs app check


Digital Light Studio translation


Three little pigs is an interactive storytelling app translated from Russian into English (by ET) and German (so far, presumably). It turns out I didn’t understand the task set for me with the three little pigs app. More experience would probably have had me understand better what I was supposed to do.


I translated the Digital Light Studio text relatively blindly as it would’ve been had I been at home as MemoQ was not available to me today. Had I known where to find helpful reference documents (projects on a similar topic completed in the past) I would have done so myself but I’m not too clued up on any projects outside those which I have specifically worked on. It’s annoying having always to ask someone for help as I know it’s distracting, irritating and extra work for them – but there’s little I can really do about it without just accruing the experience and knowledge, which takes time! That said, this project was a welcome break after a week of full-on glossary writing last week. I was able to be a little creative while also having to research a lot. A good balance.

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